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The Afghan Newsgroup

The Afghan Newsgroup was founded by S.W.Hussaini back at 1990. Through the years it has evolved to be the main source of social, cultural and especially political discourse among the Afghan netizens of the world. Depicted as a microcosm of Afghanistan and its socio-political realities, the newsgroup is a great resource both for Afghans as well as non-Afghans who would like to educate themselves in Afghanistan or Afghan related issues.

The news group name is soc.culture.afghanistan and can be accessed by any Internet newsreader.

The Afghan Listserver [New]

This is the DOWN TOWN of the Afghan Net Community. When the the Afghan Newsgroup became too clogged up with the irrlevant postings the Afghan Community on the net went "underground" and build their own little virtual Afghanistan for purely Afghan related discussion.

Hailed as the MICROCOSM of Afghanistan, subscription into the server brings you to a brave new world of heated discussions, latest news, and an instant source of information should you need any. A must for any Afghan or anyone who is interested in Afghanistan.

Here is the INFO message about this listserver. Subscription instructions are included.

"Welcome to the new Afghanistan Mailing List. Send email with a body containing the word "help" to for a list of commands that you can send the list server program (including info on how to unsubscribe).

The purpose of the list is to facilitate discussion between Afghans regarding the problems in Afghanistan, and to share news reports.

To send email to the list, address the mail to To reply to a message from the list _back_ to the list, simply use your email program's "Reply" feature. If you wish to make a private reply to the author of a note on the list server, you will need to modify the recipeitn address before you send it.

The list is unmoderated, and has no restrictions on message size - but please do NOT send huge binaries to the list! We'll set up a special list or FTP site for people who want to receive binaries such as pictures.

The complete traffic of this list is archived, and is available via FTP at

New members can subscribe to the list automatically by sending email to with the following body (not Subject line)

subscribe afghanistan

The current coordinator of the list is Jawaid Bazyar

The Afghan FAQ

The "Afghanistan Today" country-page is the online realization of the Afghan FAQ. All the information currently available in the Afghanistan Today page was originally compiled for the FAQ. With the arrival of WEB technology the FAQ was made more accessible by indexing and organizing it into the format of a country page on WWW, thus the realization of the "Afghanistan Today".

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