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Afghan Country & City Maps
Kabul I , Kabul II , Kabul City Panoramic View , Kandahar , Herat , Mazar , Jalalabad, Geo-Political Map of Afghanistan , Afghan Political Map , ...
The Current Proxy War
General Overview, Who is Who, Projections Essays and Analysis, The New Proxy War, [New !! Facts about Taliban]
Afghan Cultural Ceremonies
Wedding , Funeral , Eid , Nawroz , Barat , Jashan , Tawalud , Maharam ...
Afghan History
Historians , Chronology of Afghan history , How it came to be called Afghanistan [Dari Text], The Communist Coup , Taraki , Amin , Babrak , The Afghan Jihad and its aftermath ...
Afghan Literature
Dari Language and Literature , Pashto Language and Literature , ...
Afghan Music
Instruments and Famous Instrumentalists, Dari Folk , Music CD , Pashto Folk , Tajiki Folk , Hazaragee Folk , Uzbaki Folk , Contemporary and Modern , Classical ...
Afghan Publications
Afghan Newspapers, Magazines, Weeklies, Bookstores, Publishers and Publications all over the world.
Afghan Archeological Treasures and Sites
Balkh , Bot-e-Bamyan , Ghazni , Jalalabad Museum , Kabul Museum [Xtra!Looting of the Museum], Munar-e-Jaam , Qala-e-Bost , ...
Afghan Government Structure and Details
Government , Executive Branch , Legislative Branch , Judiciary Branch , Afghan Embassies all over the world, ...
Afghan Listserver [!New] and Newsgroup
The Afghan Frequently Asked Questions, The Afghan Listserver , The Afghan Newsgroup , ...
Afghan News
Latest Pashto News , Latest News , Links to other news ,

Islam in Afghanistan
[!Coming Soon] History of Islam in Afghanistan, Famous Mosques in Afghanistan, Islamic Scholars from Afghanistan (Sayed Jamaludin-e-Afghani, Mawlana-e-Romi-e-Balkhi), and much much more, ...
Afghan Army
Afghan Army Status Today , Government and Defense Structure [In the past], Afghan Army Hierarchy of Command Structure[In the past] , Armed Forces Organization and Stations[In the past], ...
Afghan Political Parties
Based in Afghanistan , Iran , Pakistan plus New parties and alliances, ...
Afghan Schools
Pohantoon-e-Kabul , Harbi-Pohantoon , Other Colleges , Schools , ...
Afghan Food, Color Pictures, Recipe
Appetizers , Main Course, Desserts, ...
Afghan Restaurants and Markets
A growing list of Afghan restaurants, markets and eateries all over the world.
The Mosaic of Afghan Flags
Proxy-War Era Flags , Legitimate Afghan Flags throughout the History , ...
Afghanistan on WWW
Australian National University Page On Afghanistan , Travel Advisory , CIA Factbook , Great Game Homepage , Afghan Hound , Amnesty International , UNHCR ...
NGO & Aid Orgs in Afghanistan
A concise list of Afghanistan related NGOs (Non Government Organizations) and Aid Agencies functioning inside and outside Afghanistan.
Current Date, Time and Weather in Afghanistan
Current Date and Time , Current weather [Satellite Photo] , Five Day Forcast of Kabul weather ...
Surviving Under the Shadow of War, a Pictorial
Afghan girl, Afghan boy, Afghan women,
And Remembering Those Who Did Not Survive
The Pashtoonistan Issue
Pashtoonistan is Afghan territory south of the Durand Line. The people of Pashtoonistan are Afghans and were seperated from the motherland by British and later Pakistani intrigue.



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